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Main Hall

  • Hall Dimensions: 40ft X 26ft
  • Capacity: 100 people
  • Hatch to the Kitchen (There is also an electric plate warmer in the hall next to the hatch)
  • Disabled Access
  • Large stage
  • Large Tables - 14  6 ft (fold down – easy to handle)
  • Chairs (70+)
  • Free Broadband WiFi
  • Projector with integrated sound to stage speakers
  • Video/Audio inputs for laptop (VGA, HDMI & audio jack), mobile phone (you may need to supply appropriate cable) and wireless microphones (2 x hand held, 2 x headset & 2 x clip on body microphones. Please note: there is a maximum of 4 wireless inputs to the amplifier)
  •  Bouncy Castles 
    • The Centre insurance does not cover Hirers for bouncy castle use unless the bouncy castle is booked through us. You must check that your own insurance covers your event or that the company you are using has insurance to cover the use of the bouncy castle. Hirers must ensure the bouncy castle is supervised by a responsible person.
    • Please note that the height of the hall is restricted, therefore Hirers must ensure the bouncy castle they are hiring is under 2.5 meters. The bouncy castle must be positioned so the back is against the front of the stage to ensure the projectors secured to the ceiling are not damaged.

Chargeable hourly rates:

  • Corporate: £16.00
  • General: £15.60
  • Local residents: £14.00
  • Charities: £10.00